Erin de Burca

Works on Paper for @artistsupportpledge

These works on paper are available here as part of #artistsupportpledge, an Instagram movement conceived by Sussex-based artist Matthew Burrows to provide a platform for artists to share and sell their work through a straightforward, artist-to-patron, artist-to-artist formula. The idea is a simple one: you post images of your artwork on social media for no more than €220 each, not including shipping. Anyone can buy the work. When you reach €1000 in sales, you pledge to buy another artist’s work for €220. The pledge has created a sustainable culture of generosity and profit. Please message me through the contact page if you would like to purchase.

Cliff study II, 2023, Oil on paper, 30,5cm x 18cm. €160

La Muralla Roja study II, 2022, Oil on paper, 25cm x 20cm. €170

Egret study I, 2022, Oil on Arches paper, 18cm x 24cm. €110

Egret study II, 2022, Oil on Arches paper, 14cm x 24cm. €90

Marea Alta, 2022, Oil on paper, 19cm x 30.7cm. €180

Swimmer, 2020, Oil on paper, 15cm x 31cm. €130

Choppy, 2021, Oil on Arches paper, 19cm x 31cm. €160

Summer, 2020, Oil on paper, 13.5cm x 30.5cm. €130

Zebra, 2022, Oil on paper, 14.8cm x 33cm. €180